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Match with a student in Kenya.

Our Vutukaka Junior School in Takaungu, Kenya opened in 2004 to serve students from kindergarten through eighth grade. Our teachers are highly qualified local community members, and our students consistently rank the highest in their district.

Of course, running a school carries significant costs that many students would not be able to afford without our donors. Your sponsorship enables us to keep educating children regardless of their ability to pay. With your help, we hope to sponsor 31 students in 30 days!

When you sponsor a student, you will be matched with one student and will receive an electronic photo and twice a year correspondence about your student, including at least one individual project or letter from them.

Consider sponsoring as a group: your office, classroom, or family can gather together to sponsor a student as well.

If you would like to sponsor a student as a gift and want the information sent to someone other than yourself, please use the dedication form to let us know that.

If you are interested in being matched with a student of a certain gender or age, maybe you have yourself a 5th grade daughter and want to be matched with a girl about the same age, please let us know by emailing

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