Health Education

We are the hub of health education for a rural area in Kenya, reaching nearly 20,000 individuals each year.

In addition to HIV/AIDS prevention education and original Stay Alive curriculum, we have added sections that teach the students life skills they will need to protect themselves from HIV and live a long loving life. The life skills we focus on building include healthy relationships, avoiding peer pressure, and building self-confidence. The curriculum also includes other important health topics like malaria prevention, nutrition and hygiene, and clean water.

Opened in January of 2006, the Vutakaka Maternal and Reproductive Health Clinic provided pre- and post-natal care, immunizations and growth monitoring for children, HIV/AIDS testing, and basic medical care for thousands of individuals.

In 2012, the EAC completed a major transition on the road to sustainability – the Vutakaka Health Clinic was closed and supplies and equipment were donated to a new government clinic opening in Mavueni area. Many of our patients were walking very long distances to reach our clinic from Mavueni. At the same time, the Takaungu Dispensary was improving and expanding.

In order to fund our health initiatives in 2016, we need to raise $5,000 by November 2016.

In 2015

3,118 individuals received health services.
5,558 condoms were distributed.
150 households were visited.
615 children were evaluated for growth and nutrition.
310 children were de-wormed.
74 health classes taught to youth and other high risk groups.
23 health education days were held with 3,430 participants. Topics ranged from peer pressure to proper hand washing techniques.